adjective see cherub

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • cherublike — adjective Resembling a cherub or some aspect of one. Syn: cherubic …   Wiktionary

  • cherub — noun (plural usually cherubim) Etymology: Latin, from Greek cheroub, from Hebrew kĕrūbh Date: 13th century 1. plural an order of angels see celestial hierarchy 2. plural usually cherubs a. a beautiful usually winged child in …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • cherub — cherubic /cheuh rooh bik/, cherubical, adj. cherubically, adv. cherublike, adj. /cher euhb/, n., pl. cherubs for 3, 4; cherubim /cher euh bim, yoo bim/ for 1, 2. 1. a celestial being. Gen. 3:24; Ezek. 1, 10. 2. Theol. a member of the second order …   Universalium

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