center of mass
Date: 1862 the point in a body or system of bodies at which the whole mass may be considered as concentrated

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Center of mass — In physics, the center of mass of a system of particles is a specific point at which, for many purposes, the system s mass behaves as if it were concentrated. The center of mass is a function only of the positions and masses of the particles that …   Wikipedia

  • center of mass — Mech. the point at which the entire mass of a body may be considered concentrated for some purposes; formally, the point such that the first moment of a physical or geometric object about every line through the point is zero. Cf. moment (def. 8) …   Universalium

  • Center of mass coordinates — In kinematics, both classical or relativistic, the center of mass coordinate system is a coordinate system in which the center of mass of the system remains still (it has no velocity). It is especially useful for the kinematic study of an… …   Wikipedia

  • Derivation of the center of mass — The center of mass of an object is a point at which, for the purposes of total force and total linear momentum, the mass of the object can be taken to be concentrated, for a particular configuration of the system at an instant of time. This fact… …   Wikipedia

  • Center of balance — (COB) is a point with respect to which the object in question is balanced with respect to applied forces. In particular areas the term may have specific meaning and special discussion, and may refer to one of the following*Center of mass, the… …   Wikipedia

  • Center of momentum frame — A center of momentum frame (or zero momentum frame, or COM frame) of a system is any inertial frame in which the center of mass is at rest (has zero velocity). Note that the center of momentum of a system is not a location, but rather defines a… …   Wikipedia

  • Center of pressure — The center of pressure is the point on a body where the sum total of the aerodynamic pressure field acts, causing a force and no moment about that point. Mathematically it can be said that the net pressure force on the body acts through this… …   Wikipedia

  • Center of population — with a mean distance of convert|5000|km|sigfig=1|sp=us. Its antipodal point is correspondingly the farthest point from everyone on earth, and is located in the South Pacific near 15000|km|sp=us.In demographics, the center of population of a… …   Wikipedia

  • center of gravity — Date: 1648 1. center of mass 2. the point at which the entire weight of a body may be considered as concentrated so that if supported at this point the body would remain in equilibrium in any position 3. center 2a …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • center of gravity — 1. Mech. the point through which the resultant of gravitational forces on a body passes and from which the resultant force of attraction of the body on other bodies emanates: coincident with the center of mass in a uniform gravitational field. 2 …   Universalium

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