bezoar stone
noun see bezoar

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Bezoar — For the animal, see Bezoar Ibex. Bezoar stones were seen as valuable commodities, sometimes with magical healing properties, as in the old English case Chandelor v Lopus[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Bezoar — A clump or wad of swallowed food and/or hair. Bezoars can sometimes be found to cause blockage of the digestive system, especially at the exit of the stomach. When a bezoar is composed of hair, it is referred to as a hairball or trichobezoar.… …   Medical dictionary

  • bezoar — noun Etymology: Middle French, from Medieval Latin, from Arabic dialect bezuwār, from Arabic bāzahr, from Persian pād zahr, from pād protecting (against) + zahr poison Date: 1577 any of various calculi found chiefly in the gastrointestinal organs …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Bezoar — Bezoarsteine in einer Ausstellungsvitrine des Deutschen Apothekenmuseums im Heidelberger Schloss Ein Bezoar (von arabisch bazahr) ist ein Ball aus verschluckten unverdaulichen Materialien wie Haaren, der als Trichobezoar physiologischerweise im… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • bezoar —   n. stone like mass found in stomach of ruminants, formerly used in East as antidote to poison.    ♦ bezoardic, adj …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • bezoar — n. a small stone which may form in the stomachs of certain animals, esp. ruminants, and which was once used as an antidote for various ills. Etymology: ult. f. Pers. padzahr antidote, Arab. bazahr …   Useful english dictionary

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