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  • Tutankhamen — /tooht ahng kah meuhn/, n. 14th century B.C., a king of Egypt of the 18th dynasty. Also, Tutankhamon, Tutankhamun, Tutenkhamon /tooht eng kah meuhn/. * * * orig. Tutankhaten flourished 14th century BC Egyptian pharaoh (r. 1333–23 BC) of the 18th… …   Universalium

  • Tutankhamun — King Tut redirects here. For other uses, see King Tut (disambiguation). Tutankhamun Tutankhamen, Tutankhaten, Tutankhamon[1] possibly Nibhu …   Wikipedia

  • 14th century BC — The 14th century BC is a century which lasted from the year 1400 BC until 1301 BC.OverviewEvents* 1397 BC Pandion I, legendary King of Athens, dies after a reign of 40 years and is succeeded by his son Erechtheus II of Athens. * 1390 BC In… …   Wikipedia

  • Akhenaten — Pharaoh Infobox Name=Akhenaten / Amenhotep IV Alt= Amenophis IV, Naphu( )rureya, Ikhnaton Caption=Statue of Akhenaten in typical Amarna style. NomenHiero=i t:n:ra G25 x:n Nomen= Akhenaten Servant of the Aten or reflection of the wiserClayton… …   Wikipedia

  • 1330s BC — Events and trends*1336 BC Pharaoh Akhenaten of Egypt names Smenkhkare as a co ruler. *1336 BC Tutankhaten becomes Pharaoh of Egypt and marries Ankhesenpaaten, daughter and wife of his predecessor Akhenaten. *1336 BC–1327 BC: Inner coffin of… …   Wikipedia

  • Nefertiti — This article is about the Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. For other uses, see Nefertiti (disambiguation). For other individuals named Neferneferuaten, see Neferneferuaten (disambiguation). Neferneferuaten Nefertiti in hieroglyphs …   Wikipedia

  • Atenism — (or the Amarna heresy ) is the earliest known, if not well documented, monotheistic religion, associated above all with the eighteenth dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, better known under the name he later adopted, Akhenaten. In the 14th century BC… …   Wikipedia

  • Tutankhamun — King 1361 1352 BC.     Tutankhamun succeeded *Smenkhkare as ruler of Egypt when he was still a child of eight or nine years. It is probable that he was the son of *Amenophis III, whom he calls father on one of the granite lions which originally… …   Ancient Egypt

  • Tutankhamen — or Tutankhaten biographical name circa 1370 1352 B.C. king of Egypt (1361 1352 B.C.) …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Solar deity — Sun god redirects here. For other uses, see Sun god (disambiguation). Sun Chariot redirects here. For the racehorse, see Sun Chariot (horse). The Trundholm sun chariot pulled by a horse is believed to be a sculpture illustrating the sun, an… …   Wikipedia

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