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  • PATRAE — civitas Archiepiscopalis in Achaia, Badra, et Balubathra, i. e. veteres Patrae, Turcis, et nunc florens, Ferrar. quam Pausanias l. 3. et 7. Aroen dici prius solitam scribit; mox a Patreo, moenibus ampliatis nomen accepisse, quod nunc habet. Plin …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • Patrae — Patrae/Veters (ital.: Patrasso) ist ein Titularerzbistum der römisch katholischen Kirche. Es geht zurück auf einen historischen Bischofssitz in der antiken Stadt Patras der in der Spätantike in der römischen Provinz Peloponnes lag.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Patrae — Sp Pãtrai Ap Πάτραι/Patrai sen. graikų kalba Ap Patrae lotyniškai Ap Πάτρα/Patra graikiškai L Graikijos adm. sr., Achajos nomo ir V Graikijos adm. sr. centras …   Pasaulio vietovardžiai. Internetinė duomenų bazė

  • Novae Patrae — (ital.: Neopatrasso) ist ein Titularerzbistum der römisch katholischen Kirche. Es geht zurück auf ein früheres Erzbistum in der römischen Provinz Macedonia bzw. Thessalia im heutigen Griechenland. Titularerzbischöfe von Novae Patrae Nr. Name Amt… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • ПАТРЫ —    • Patrae,          Πάτραι, ει̃ς (н. Патрас), один из 12 ахейских городов, который в древнее время представлял собой опору для пелопоннесцев в их предприятиях на этолийском берегу. Thuc. 2, 83. 5, 53. Plut. Alcib. 15. Около того времени, как… …   Реальный словарь классических древностей

  • Melanippus — Not to be confused with Melanippe. In Greek mythology, there were nine people named Melanippus (Μελάνιππος): One of the sons of Agrius, killed by Diomedes.[1] Son of Perigune and Theseus, the father of Ioxus who, together with Ornytus, led a… …   Wikipedia

  • History of Patras — The city of Patras has an important history of four thousand years. Patras has been inhabited since the prehistoric age and constituted an important centre of the Mycenean era. In the antiquity it was a leading member of the Achaean League.… …   Wikipedia

  • Arba, Greece — Arba (Greek: Άρβα, Modern Transliteraion: Arva ), also with the first a accented was an ancient city in northern Achaea (now commonly Achaia and a prefecture) in Greece. [ [ bin/ptext?lookup=Paus.+7.18.1 Pausanias …   Wikipedia

  • Modern Diocese of Athens —     Modern Diocese of Athens     † Catholic Encyclopedia ► Modern Diocese of Athens     The Greeks have long regarded their religion as a national affair. This notion is so deep rooted that they cannot understand how a citizen can well be a true… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Comaetho — In Greek mythology, Comaetho (Κομαιθώ) is a name that may refer to: The daughter of Pterelaos and princess of the Taphians. The Taphians were at war with Thebes, led by Amphitryon, whom Comaetho fell in love with. The Taphians remained invincible …   Wikipedia

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