Hardy-Weinberg principle
noun see Hardy-Weinberg law

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Hardy–Weinberg principle — for two alleles: the horizontal axis shows the two allele frequencies p and q and the vertical axis shows the genotype frequencies. Each graph shows one of the three possible genotypes. The Hardy–Weinberg principle (also known by a variety of… …   Wikipedia

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  • Hardy-Weinberg law — Basic concept in population genetics discovered independently in 1908 by the great English mathematician G(odfrey) H(arold) Hardy and Wilhelm Weinberg, a physician in Germany. The Hardy Weinberg law is a cornerstone of clinical genetics. (In… …   Medical dictionary

  • hardy-weinberg law — noun Usage: usually capitalized H&W Etymology: after Godfrey Harold Hardy died 1947 English mathematician and Wilhelm Weinberg died 1937 German physician : a fundamental principle of population genetics: population gene frequencies and population …   Useful english dictionary

  • Hardy-Weinberg law — noun Etymology: G. H. Hardy died 1947 English mathematician and W. Weinberg died 1937 German physician Date: 1950 a fundamental principle of population genetics: population gene frequencies and genotype frequencies remain constant from generation …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Hardy-Weinberg law — /hahr dee wuyn berrg/, Genetics. a principle stating that in an infinitely large, randomly mating population in which selection, migration, and mutation do not occur, the frequencies of alleles and genotypes do not change from generation to… …   Universalium

  • Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium law (principle rule) — Har·dy Wein·berg equilibrium, law (principle, rule) (hahrґde vīnґbərg) [Godfrey Harold Hardy, British mathematician, 1877–1947; Wilhelm Weinberg, German physician, 1862–1937] see under law, and see genetic equilibrium, under… …   Medical dictionary

  • Weinberg — (meaning vineyard in German) may refer to: * Weinberg an der Raab in Styria * Weinberg (Gemeinde Völkermarkt) in Carinthia * Weinberg (Gemeinde St. Paul) in Lavanttal in Carinthia * Weinberg (Gemeinde Maria Laach) in Jauerling in Lower Austria *… …   Wikipedia

  • Hardy-Weinberglaw — Har·dy Wein·berg law (härʹdē wīnʹbûrg) n. A fundamental principle in population genetics stating that the genotype frequencies and gene frequencies of a large, randomly mating population remain constant provided immigration, mutation, and… …   Universalium

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