El Salvadoran
noun or adjective see El Salvador

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • El Salvadoran colon — noun the basic unit of money in El Salvador; equal to 100 centavos • Syn: ↑colon • Hypernyms: ↑El Salvadoran monetary unit • Part Meronyms: ↑centavo …   Useful english dictionary

  • El Salvadoran monetary unit — noun monetary unit in El Salvador • Hypernyms: ↑monetary unit • Hyponyms: ↑colon, ↑El Salvadoran colon …   Useful english dictionary

  • El Salvador — /el sal veuh dawr /; Sp. /el sahl vah dhawrdd / a republic in NW Central America. 5,661,827; 13,176 sq. mi. (34,125 sq. km). Cap.: San Salvador. Also called Salvador. * * * El Salvador Introduction El Salvador Background: El Salvador achieved… …   Universalium

  • Salvadoran Civil War — El Salvador s Civil War Part of the Cold War Map of El Salvador …   Wikipedia

  • El Salvador — geographical name country Central America bordering on the Pacific; a republic capital San Salvador area 8260 square miles (21,393 square kilometers), population 5,517,000 • El Salvadoran noun or adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Salvadoran cuisine — is a style of cooking derived from the nation of El Salvador. The traditional cuisine consists of food from the Maya, Lenca, Pipil, and Spanish peoples.[citation needed] Many of the dishes are made with maize (corn). El Salvador s most notable… …   Wikipedia

  • Salvadoran sign language — is a language used by the deaf community in El Salvador. Its main purpose is to provide education. There are three distinct forms of sign language. American Sign Language was brought over to El Salvador from the United States by missionaries who… …   Wikipedia

  • Salvadoran hip hop — (also known as Guanaco , Wanako , or Guanako rap/hip hop) is hip hop and rap music that comes from El Salvador. It is a relatively new style of music, when groups like Pescozada and Mecate formed in the late 1990s, which have grown to be… …   Wikipedia

  • EL SALVADOR — EL SALVADOR, republic of Central America; population, 6,704,932 (2005); Jewish population, 120. El Salvador is one of the smallest communities in Latin America. A few Crypto Jews from Portugal passed through El Salvador in colonial times. The… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Salvadoran — [sal΄vədôr′ē ənsal΄və dôr′ən] adj. of El Salvador or its people or culture n. a person born or living in El Salvador: Also Salvadorian [sal΄vədôr′ē ən] or Salvadorean [sal΄vədôr′ē ən] * * * Sal·va·do·ran (săl və dôrʹən, dōrʹ ) or Sal·va·do·ri·an… …   Universalium

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