I. verb (past would; present singular & plural will) Etymology: Middle English (1st & 3d singular present indicative), from Old English wille (infinitive wyllan); akin to Old High German wili (3d singular present indicative) wills, Latin velle to wish, will Date: before 12th century transitive verb desire, wish <
call it what you will
verbal auxiliary 1. — used to express desire, choice, willingness, consent, or in negative constructions refusal <
no one would take the job
if we will all do our best
will you please stop that racket
2. — used to express frequent, customary, or habitual action or natural tendency or disposition <
will get angry over nothing
will work one day and loaf the next
3. — used to express futurity <
tomorrow morning I will wake up in this first-class hotel suite — Tennessee Williams
4. — used to express capability or sufficiency <
the back seat will hold three passengers
5. — used to express probability and often equivalent to the simple verb <
that will be the babysitter
6. a. — used to express determination, insistence, persistence, or willfulness <
I have made up my mind to go and go I will
b. — used to express inevitability <
accidents will happen
7. — used to express a command, exhortation, or injunction <
you will do as I say, at once
intransitive verb to have a wish or desire <
whether we will or no
Usage: see shall II. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English willa will, desire; akin to Old English wille Date: before 12th century 1. desire, wish: as a. disposition, inclination <
where there's a will there's a way
b. appetite, passion c. choice, determination 2. a. something desired; especially a choice or determination of one having authority or power b. (1) archaic request, command (2) [from the phrase our will is which introduces it] the part of a summons expressing a royal command 3. the act, process, or experience of willing ; volition 4. a. mental powers manifested as wishing, choosing, desiring, or intending b. a disposition to act according to principles or ends c. the collective desire of a group <
the will of the people
5. the power of control over one's own actions or emotions <
a man of iron will
6. a legal declaration of a person's wishes regarding the disposal of his or her property or estate after death; especially a written instrument legally executed by which a person makes disposition of his or her estate to take effect after death III. Date: before 12th century transitive verb 1. a. to order or direct by a will <
willed that her property be divided among her children
b. to dispose of by or as if by a will ; bequeath <
willed his entire estate to this wife
2. a. to determine by an act of choice b. decree, ordain <
Providence wills it
c. intend, purpose d. to cause or change by an act of will <
believed he could will himself to succeed
; also to try to do so intransitive verb 1. to exercise the will 2. choose <
do as you will

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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