I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old Norse vefr web, Old English wefan to weave Date: before 12th century 1. a fabric on a loom or in process of being removed from a loom 2. a. cobweb, spiderweb b. a network of silken thread spun especially by the larvae of various insects (as a tent caterpillar) and usually serving as a nest or shelter 3. a tissue or membrane of an animal or plant; especially that uniting fingers or toes either at their bases (as in humans) or for a greater part of their length (as in many waterbirds) 4. a. a thin metal sheet, plate, or strip b. the plate connecting the upper and lower flanges of a girder or rail c. the arm of a crank 5. something resembling a web: a. snare, entanglement <
a web of intrigue
ensnarled in a web of folly — D. A. Stockman
b. an intricate pattern or structure suggestive of something woven ; network <
a web of little roads
a complex web of relationships
6. the series of barbs on each side of the shaft of a feather ; vane 7. a. a continuous sheet of paper manufactured or undergoing manufacture on a paper machine b. a roll of paper for use in a rotary printing press 8. the part of a ribbed vault between the ribs 9. capitalized World Wide Webwebbed adjectiveweblike adjective II. verb (webbed; webbing) Date: 1604 intransitive verb to constructionct or form a web transitive verb 1. to cover with a web or network 2. ensnare, entangle 3. to provide with a web

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

, , , / (of the eye), / / (as in the feet of swimming birds)

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