I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English weg; akin to Old High German weg way, Old English wegan to move, Latin vehere to carry, via way Date: before 12th century 1. a. a thoroughfare for travel or transportation from place to place b. an opening for passage <
this door is the only way out of the room
2. the course traveled from one place to another ; route <
asked the way to the museum
3. a. a course (as a series of actions or sequence of events) leading in a direction or toward an objective <
led the way to eventual open heart operations — Current Biography
b. (1) a course of action <
took the easy way out
(2) opportunity, capability, or fact of doing as one pleases <
always manages to get her own way
c. a possible decision, action, or outcome ; possibility <
they were rude—no two ways about it
4. a. manner or method of doing or happening <
admired her way of thinking
; also method of accomplishing ; means <
that's the way to do it
b. feature, respect <
in no way resembles her mother
c. a usually specified degree of participation in an activity or enterprise <
active in real estate in a small way
5. a. characteristic, regular, or habitual manner or mode of being, behaving, or happening <
knows nothing of the ways of women
b. ability to get along well or perform well <
she has a way with kids
a way with words
6. the length of a course ; distance <
has come a long way in her studies
still have a way to go
7. movement or progress along a course <
worked her way up the corporate ladder
8. a. direction <
is coming this way
b. participant — usually used in combination <
three-way discussion
9. state of affairs ; condition, state <
that's the way things are
10. a. plural but sometimes singular in construction an inclined structure upon which a ship is built or supported in launching b. plural the guiding surfaces on the bed of a machine along which a table or carriage moves 11. category, kind — usually used in the phrase in the way of <
doesn't require much in the way of expensive equipment — Forbes
12. motion or speed of a ship or boat through the water Synonyms: see method II. adjective Date: 1799 of, connected with, or constituting an intermediate point on a route III. adverb Date: 1849 1. a. away 7 <
is way ahead of the class
b. by far ; much <
ate way too much
c. very 2 <
way cool
way excited
2. all the way <
pull the switch way back

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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