I. verb Etymology: Middle English twicchen; akin to Old English twiccian to pluck, Old High German gizwickan to pinch Date: 14th century transitive verb to move or pull with a sudden motion ; jerk intransitive verb 1. pull, pluck <
twitched at my sleeve
2. to move jerkily ; quiver 3. to undergo a brief spasmodic muscular contraction <
his hand twitched
twitcher noun II. noun Date: 1523 1. an act of twitching; especially a short sudden pull or jerk 2. a physical or mental pang <
a twitch of remorse
3. a loop of rope or strap that is tightened over a horse's lip as a restraining device 4. a. a brief spasmodic contraction of the muscle fibers b. a slight jerk of a body part • twitchily adverbtwitchy adjective III. noun Etymology: alteration of quitch Date: 1595 quack grass

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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