I. noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: circa 1775 1. a piece or device for holding or securing: as a. a pin inserted in a nautical knot to make it more secure or easier to slip b. a crosspiece attached to the end of or to a loop in something (as a chain, rope, line, strap, or belt) usually to prevent slipping, to serve in twisting or tightening, or to hold something attached 2. a device consisting of two bars jointed together end to end but not in line so that when a force is applied to the joint tending to straighten it pressure will be exerted on the parts adjacent or fixed to the outer ends of the bars; also a device with a joint using a toggle II. verb (toggled; toggling) Date: 1836 transitive verb 1. to fasten with or as if with a toggle 2. to furnish with a toggle intransitive verb to switch between two options especially of an electronic device usually by pressing a single button or a simple key combination

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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