I. noun Etymology: Middle English tagge; akin to Middle Low German tagge, tacke twig, spike Date: 14th century 1. a loose hanging piece of cloth ; tatter 2. a metal or plastic binding on an end of a shoelace 3. a piece of hanging or attached material; specifically a loop, knot, or tassel on a garment 4. a. a brief quotation used for rhetorical emphasis or sententious effect b. a recurrent or characteristic verbal expression c. tagline 1 5. a. a cardboard, plastic, or metal marker used for identification or classification <
license tags
b. a descriptive or identifying epithet c. something used for identification or location ; flag d. label 3d e. price tag f. an element of code in a computer document used especially to control format and layout or to establish a hyperlink 6. a detached fragmentary piece ; bit 7. a graffito in the form of an identifying name or symbol II. verb (tagged; tagging) Date: 15th century transitive verb 1. to provide or mark with or as if with a tag: as a. to supply with an identifying marker or price <
tagged every item in the store
was tagged at $4.95
b. to provide with a name or epithet ; label, brand <
tagged him a has-been
c. to put a ticket on (a motor vehicle) for a traffic violation d. to deface with a graffito usually in the form of the defacer's nickname 2. to attach as an addition ; append 3. to follow closely and persistently 4. to hold to account; especially to charge with violating the law <
was tagged for…assault — Burt Woolis
5. label 2 intransitive verb to keep close <
tagging at their heels — Corey Ford
III. noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1738 1. a game in which the player who is it chases others and tries to touch one of them who then becomes it 2. an act or instance of tagging a runner in baseball IV. transitive verb (tagged; tagging) Date: 1878 1. a. to touch in or as if in a game of tag b. to put out (a runner) in baseball by a touch with the ball or the gloved hand containing the ball 2. to hit solidly 3. to choose usually for a special purpose ; select 4. to make a hit or run off (a pitcher) in baseball <
the batter tagged him for a home run

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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