I. adjective Etymology: Middle English stif, from Old English stīf; akin to Middle Dutch stijf stiff, Latin stipare to press together, Greek steibein to tread on Date: before 12th century 1. a. not easily bent ; rigid <
a stiff collar
b. lacking in suppleness or flexibility <
stiff muscles
c. impeded in movement — used of a mechanism <
a truck's stiff suspension
d. drunk 1a 2. a. firm, resolute b. stubborn, unyielding c. proud d. (1) marked by reserve or decorum (2) lacking in ease or grace ; stilted 3. hard fought ; pugnacious, sharp <
drove a stiff bargain
stiff competition
4. a. (1) exerting great force <
a stiff wind
(2) forceful, vigorous b. potent <
a stiff dose
poured her a stiff drink
5. of a dense or glutinous consistency ; thick 6. a. harsh, severe <
a stiff penalty
b. arduous, rugged <
stiff terrain
7. not easily heeled over by an external force (as the wind) <
a stiff ship
8. expensive, steep <
paid a stiff price
stiffish adjectivestiffly adverbstiffness noun Synonyms: stiff, rigid, inflexible mean difficult to bend. stiff may apply to any degree of this condition <
stretching keeps your muscles from becoming stiff
. rigid applies to something so stiff that it cannot be bent without breaking <
a rigid surfboard
. inflexible stresses lack of suppleness or pliability <
ski boots with inflexible soles
. II. adverb Date: 13th century 1. in a stiff manner ; stiffly 2. to an extreme degree ; severely <
scared stiff
bored stiff
3. close enough to the hole for an easy putt in golf <
hit it stiff and tapped it in for an easy birdie
III. noun Date: circa 1859 1. corpse 2. a. tramp, bum b. a member of the working class; especially a blue-collar worker c. person <
a lucky stiff
; especially a stodgy or excessively decorous person 3. flop, failure IV. verb Date: 1950 transitive verb 1. a. to refuse to pay or tip <
stiffed the waiter
b. cheat <
stiffed him in a business deal
c. stick 7a <
stiffed us with the bar bill
2. snub 3 <
stiffed sportswriters after the game
intransitive verb to fail commercially <
the movie stiffed at the box office

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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