I. verb Etymology: Middle English sleken, alteration of sliken — more at slick Date: 15th century transitive verb 1. slick <
grooms sleeking cooled horses — Sunset
2. to cover up ; gloss over intransitive verb slick II. adjective Etymology: alteration of 2slick Date: 1578 1. a. smooth and glossy as if polished <
sleek dark hair
b. having a smooth well-groomed look <
sleek cattle
c. healthy-looking 2. smooth in speech or manner; also unctuous 3. a. having a prosperous air <
sleek luxury condominiums
b. having trim graceful lines <
a sleek car
c. elegant, stylish <
a sleek wardrobe
sleekly adverbsleekness noun Synonyms: sleek, slick, glossy mean having a smooth bright surface or appearance. sleek suggests a smoothness or brightness resulting from attentive grooming or physical conditioning <
a sleek racehorse
. slick suggests extreme smoothness that results in a slippery surface <
slipped and fell on the slick floor
. glossy suggests a highly reflective surface <
photographs having a glossy finish

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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