I. adjective Etymology: Middle English sek, sik, from Old English sēoc; akin to Old High German sioh sick Date: before 12th century 1. a. (1) affected with disease or ill health ; ailing (2) of, relating to, or intended for use in sickness <
sick pay
a sick ward
b. queasy, nauseated <
sick to one's stomach
was sick in the car
c. undergoing menstruation 2. spiritually or morally unsound or corrupt 3. a. sickened by strong emotion <
sick with fear
worried sick
b. having a strong distaste from surfeit ; satiated <
sick of flattery
c. filled with disgust or chagrin <
gossip makes me sick
d. depressed and longing for something <
sick for one's home
4. a. mentally or emotionally unsound or disordered ; morbid <
sick thoughts
b. highly distasteful ; macabre, sadistic <
sick jokes
a sick crime
5. lacking vigor ; sickly: as a. badly outclassed <
made the competition look sick
b. incapable of producing profitable yields of a crop <
sick soils
sickly adverb II. noun Date: 1957 British vomit 1

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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