I. noun Etymology: Middle English skere, from Old Norse sker skerry; probably akin to Old Norse skera to cut — more at shear Date: 14th century 1. an isolated or protruding rock 2. a steep rocky eminence ; a bare place on the side of a mountain II. noun Etymology: Middle English escare, scar, from Middle French escare scab, from Late Latin eschara, from Greek, hearth, brazier, scab Date: 14th century 1. a mark left (as in the skin) by the healing of injured tissue 2. a. a mark left on a stem or branch by a fallen leaf or harvested fruit b. cicatrix 2 3. a mark or indentation resulting from damage or wear 4. a lasting moral or emotional injury <
one of his men had been killed…in a manner that left a scar upon his mind — H. G. Wells
scarless adjective III. verb (scarred; scarring) Date: 1555 transitive verb 1. to mark with a scar 2. to do lasting injury to intransitive verb 1. to form a scar 2. to become scarred

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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