I. noun Date: 1547 1. one that runs away from danger, duty, or restraint ; fugitive 2. the act of running away out of control; also something (as a horse) that is running out of control 3. a one-sided or overwhelming victory II. adjective Date: 1548 1. a. running away ; fugitive b. leaving to gain special advantages (as lower wages) or avoid disadvantages (as governmental or union restrictions) <
runaway shipping firms
a runaway shop
2. accomplished by elopement or during flight 3. won by or having a long lead <
a runaway success
; also extremely successful <
a runaway best seller
4. subject to uncontrolled changes <
runaway inflation
5. being or operating out of control <
a runaway oil well
a runaway nuclear reactor

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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