I. verb Etymology: Middle English rokken, from Old English roccian; akin to Old High German rucken to cause to move Date: 12th century transitive verb 1. to move back and forth in or as if in a cradle 2. a. to cause to sway back and forth <
a boat rocked by the waves
b. (1) to cause to shake violently (2) to daze with or as if with a vigorous blow <
a hard right rocked the contender
(3) to astonish or disturb greatly <
the scandal rocked the community
3. to rouse to excitement (as by performing rock music) <
rocked the crowd
intransitive verb 1. to become moved backward and forward under often violent impact; also to move gently back and forth 2. to move forward at a steady pace; also to move forward at a high speed <
the train rocked through the countryside
3. to sing, dance to, or play rock music 4. slang to be extremely enjoyable, pleasing, or effective <
her new car rocks
Synonyms: see shake II. noun Usage: often attributive Date: 1823 1. a rocking movement 2. popular music usually played on electronically amplified instruments and characterized by a persistent heavily accented beat, repetition of simple phrases, and often country, folk, and blues elements III. noun Etymology: Middle English roc, from Middle Dutch rocke; akin to Old High German rocko distaff Date: 14th century 1. distaff 2. the wool or flax on a distaff IV. noun Etymology: Middle English rokke, from Old French dialect (Norman & Picard) roke, from Vulgar Latin *rocca Date: 14th century 1. a large mass of stone forming a cliff, promontory, or peak 2. a concreted mass of stony material; also broken pieces of such masses 3. consolidated or unconsolidated solid mineral matter; also a particular mass of it 4. a. something like a rock in firmness: (1) foundation, support (2) refuge <
a rock of independent thought…in an ocean of parochialism — Thomas Molnar
b. something that threatens or causes disaster — often used in plural 5. a. a flavored stick candy with color running through b. rock candy 1 6. slang a. gem b. diamond 7. a. a small crystallized mass of crack cocaine b. crack 9 8. the ball used in basketball • rock adjectiverocklike adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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