I. noun (plural roach; also roaches) Etymology: Middle English roche, from Anglo-French roche, rosse Date: 13th century 1. a silver-green European freshwater cyprinid fish (Rutilus rutilus); also any of various related fishes (as some shiners) 2. any of several American freshwater sunfishes (family Centrarchidae) II. noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1794 1. a curved cut in the edge of a sail to prevent chafing or to secure a better fit 2. a roll of hair brushed straight back from the forehead or side of the head III. transitive verb Date: 1818 1. to cut (as a horse's mane) so that the remainder stands upright 2. to cause to arch; specifically to brush (the hair) in a roach — often used with up IV. noun Etymology: by shortening Date: circa 1848 1. cockroach 2. the butt of a marijuana cigarette

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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