I. noun Etymology: Latin reflexus, past participle of reflectere to reflect Date: 1508 1. a. archaic reflected heat, light, or color b. a mirrored image c. a copy exact in essential or peculiar features 2. a. an automatic and often inborn response to a stimulus that involves a nerve impulse passing inward from a receptor to a nerve center and thence outward to an effector (as a muscle or gland) without reaching the level of consciousness — compare habit 7 b. the process that culminates in a reflex and comprises reception, transmission, and reaction — called also reflex action c. plural the power of acting or responding with adequate speed d. a way of thinking or behaving 3. a linguistic element (as a word or sound) or system (as writing) that is derived from a prior and especially an older element or system <
boat is the reflex of Old English bāt
II. adjective Etymology: Latin reflexus Date: 1649 1. directed back on the mind or its operations ; introspective 2. reflexed 3. produced or carried out in reaction, resistance, or return 4. of an angle being between 180° and 360° 5. of, relating to, or produced by a reflex without intervention of consciousness • reflexly adverb

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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