I. verb Etymology: Middle English rechen, from Old English rǣcan; akin to Old High German reichen to reach, Lithuanian raižytis to stretch oneself Date: before 12th century transitive verb 1. a. to stretch out ; extend b. thrust 2. a. to touch or grasp by extending a part of the body (as a hand) or an object <
couldn't reach the apple
b. to pick up and draw toward one ; take c. (1) to extend to <
the shadow reached the wall
(2) to get up to or as far as ; come to <
your letter reached me yesterday
his voice reached the last rows
they hoped to reach an agreement
d. (1) encompass (2) to make an impression on (3) to communicate with 3. to hand over ; pass intransitive verb 1. a. to make a stretch with or as if with one's hand b. to strain after something 2. a. project, extend <
his land reaches to the river
b. to arrive at or come to something <
as far as the eye could reach
3. to sail on a reach • reachable adjectivereacher noun II. noun Date: 1536 1. a continuous stretch or expanse; especially a straight portion of a stream or river 2. a. (1) the action or an act of reaching (2) an individual part of a progression or journey b. (1) a reachable distance <
within reach
(2) ability to reach <
had a long reach
c. an extent or range especially of knowledge or comprehension 3. a bearing shaft or coupling pole; especially the rod joining the hind axle to the forward bolster of a wagon 4. the tack sailed by a ship with the wind coming just forward of the beam or with the wind directly abeam or abaft the beam 5. echelon, level — usually used in plural <
the upper reaches of academia

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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