I. adjective Etymology: Middle English quik, from Old English cwic; akin to Old Norse kvikr living, Latin vivus living, vivere to live, Greek bios, zōē life Date: before 12th century 1. not dead ; living, alive 2. acting or capable of acting with speed: as a. (1) fast in understanding, thinking, or learning ; mentally agile <
a quick wit
quick thinking
(2) reacting to stimuli with speed and keen sensitivity (3) aroused immediately and intensely <
quick tempers
b. (1) fast in development or occurrence <
a quick succession of events
(2) done or taking place with rapidity <
gave them a quick look
c. marked by speed, readiness, or promptness of physical movement <
walked with quick steps
d. inclined to hastiness (as in action or response) <
quick to criticize
e. capable of being easily and speedily prepared <
a quick and tasty dinner
3. a. archaic not stagnant ; running, flowing b. moving, shifting <
quick mud
4. archaic fiery, glowing 5. obsolete a. pungent b. caustic 6. archaic pregnant 7. having a sharp angle <
a quick turn in the road
quickly adverbquickness noun Synonyms: quick, prompt, ready, apt mean able to respond without delay or hesitation or indicative of such ability. quick stresses instancy of response and is likely to connote native rather than acquired power <
quick reflexes
a keen quick mind
. prompt is more likely to connote training and discipline that fits one for instant response <
prompt emergency medical care
. ready suggests facility or fluency in response <
backed by a pair of ready assistants
. apt stresses the possession of qualities (as intelligence, a particular talent, or a strong bent) that makes quick effective response possible <
an apt student
her answer was apt and to the point
. Synonym: see in addition fast. II. noun Date: before 12th century 1. quick plural living beings 2. [probably of Scandinavian origin; akin to Old Norse kvika sensitive flesh, from kvikr living] a. a painfully sensitive spot or area of flesh (as that underlying a fingernail or toenail) b. the inmost sensibilities <
hurt to the quick by the remark
c. the very center of something ; heart 3. archaic life 11 III. adverb Date: 14th century in a quick manner

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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