I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Latin prospectus view, prospect, from prospicere to look forward, exercise foresight, from pro- forward + specere to look — more at pro-, spy Date: 15th century 1. exposure 3b 2. a. (1) an extensive view (2) a mental consideration ; survey b. a place that commands an extensive view ; lookout c. something extended to the view ; scene d. archaic a sketch or picture of a scene 3. obsolete aspect 4. a. the act of looking forward ; anticipation b. a mental picture of something to come ; vision c. something that is awaited or expected ; possibility d. plural (1) financial expectations (2) chances 5. a place showing signs of containing a mineral deposit 6. a. a potential buyer or customer b. a likely candidate for a job or position Synonyms: prospect, outlook, anticipation, foretaste mean an advance realization of something to come. prospect implies expectation of a particular event, condition, or development of definite interest or concern <
the prospect of a quiet weekend
. outlook suggests a forecasting of the future <
a favorable outlook for the economy
. anticipation implies a prospect or outlook that involves advance suffering or enjoyment of what is foreseen <
the anticipation of her arrival
. foretaste implies an actual though brief or partial experience of something forthcoming <
the frost was a foretaste of winter
. II. Date: 1841 intransitive verb to explore an area especially for mineral deposits transitive verb to inspect (a region) for mineral deposits; broadly exploreprospector noun

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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