I. adverb also pickaback Etymology: alteration of earlier a pick pack, of unknown origin Date: 1565 1. up on the back and shoulders 2. on or as if on the back of another; especially on a railroad flatcar II. noun also pickaback Date: circa 1590 1. the act of carrying piggyback 2. the movement of loaded truck trailers on railroad flatcars III. adjective also pickaback Date: 1823 1. marked by being up on the shoulders and back <
a child needs hugging, tussling, and piggyback rides — Benjamin Spock
2. carried or transported piggyback: as a. of or relating to the hauling of truck trailers on railroad flatcars b. being or relating to something carried into space as an extra load by a vehicle (as a spacecraft) IV. verb also pickaback Date: 1952 transitive verb 1. to carry up on the shoulders and back 2. to haul (as a truck trailer) by railroad car 3. to set up or cause to function in conjunction with something larger, more important, or already in existence or operation intransitive verb to function or be carried on or as if on the back of another

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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