I. noun (plural p's or ps) Usage: often capitalized, often attributive Date: before 12th century 1. a. the 16th letter of the English alphabet b. a graphic representation of this letter c. a speech counterpart of orthographic p 2. a graphic device for reproducing the letter p 3. one designated p especially as the 16th in order or class 4. [abbreviation for pass] a. a grade rating a student's work as passing b. one graded or rated with a P 5. something shaped like the letter P II. abbreviation 1. page; pages 2. parental generation 3. part 4. participle 5. past 6. pater 7. pawn 8. pence; penny 9. per 10. peseta 11. peso 12. petite 13. piano 14. pico- 15. pint 16. pipe 17. pitch 18. pole 19. port 20. power 21. pro 22. proton 23. purl

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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