I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English magister & Anglo-French meistre, both from Latin magister; akin to Latin magnus large — more at much Date: before 12th century 1. a. (1) a male teacher (2) a person holding an academic degree higher than a bachelor's but lower than a doctor's b. often capitalized a revered religious leader c. a worker or artisan qualified to teach apprentices d. (1) an artist, performer, or player of consummate skill (2) a great figure of the past (as in science or art) whose work serves as a model or ideal 2. a. one having authority over another ; ruler, governor b. one that conquers or masters ; victor, superior <
in the new challenger the champion found his master
c. a person licensed to command a merchant ship d. (1) one having control (2) an owner especially of a slave or animal e. the employer especially of a servant f. (1) dialect husband (2) the male head of a household 3. a. (1) archaic Mr. (2) a youth or boy too young to be called mister — used as a title b. the eldest son of a Scottish viscount or baron 4. a. a presiding officer in an institution or society (as a college) b. any of several officers of court appointed to assist (as by hearing and reporting) a judge 5. a. a master mechanism or device b. an original from which copies can be made; especially a master recording (as a magnetic tape) • mastership noun II. adjective Date: 12th century being or relating to a master: as a. having chief authority ; dominant b. skilled, proficient <
a prosperous master builder — Current Biography
c. principal, predominant d. superlative — often used in combination <
a master-liar
e. being a device or mechanism that controls the operation of another mechanism or that establishes a standard (as a dimension or weight) f. being or relating to a master from which duplicates are made III. transitive verb (mastered; mastering) Date: 13th century 1. to become master of ; overcome <
mastered his fears
2. a. to become skilled or proficient in the use of <
master a foreign language
b. to gain a thorough understanding of <
had mastered every aspect of publishing — Current Biography
3. to produce a master recording of (as a musical rendition)

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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