I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, air, sky, from Old Norse lopt; akin to Old High German luft air Date: 13th century 1. an upper room or floor ; attic 2. a. a gallery in a church or hall b. one of the upper floors of a warehouse or business building especially when not partitioned <
living in a converted loft
c. hayloft 3. a. the backward slant of the face of a golf-club head b. the act of lofting 4. the thickness of a fabric or insulating material (as goose down) • loftlike adjective II. verb Date: 1518 transitive verb 1. to place, house, or store in a loft 2. to propel through the air or into space <
lofted a long hit to center
instruments lofted by a powerful rocket
3. to lay out a full-sized working drawing of the lines and contours of (as a ship's hull) intransitive verb 1. to propel a ball high into the air 2. to rise high

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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