I. verb (lodged; lodging) Date: 13th century transitive verb 1. a. (1) to provide temporary quarters for (2) to rent lodgings to b. to establish or settle in a place 2. to serve as a receptacle for ; contain 3. to beat (as a crop) flat to the ground 4. to bring to an intended or a fixed position (as by throwing or thrusting) 5. to deposit for safeguard or preservation 6. to place or vest especially in a source, means, or agent 7. to lay (as a complaint) before a proper authority ; file intransitive verb 1. a. to occupy a place temporarily ; sleep b. (1) to have a residence ; dwell (2) to be a lodger 2. to come to a rest 3. to fall or lie down — used especially of hay or grain crops II. noun Etymology: Middle English loge, from Anglo-French, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German louba porch Date: 13th century 1. chiefly dialect a rude shelter or abode 2. a. a house set apart for residence in a particular season (as the hunting season) b. a resort hotel ; inn 3. a. a house on an estate originally for the use of a gamekeeper, caretaker, or porter b. a shelter for an employee (as a gatekeeper) 4. a den or lair especially of gregarious animals (as beavers) 5. a. the meeting place of a branch of an organization and especially a fraternal organization b. the body of members of such a branch 6. a. wigwam b. a family of North American Indians

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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