I. verb (lived; living) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English libban; akin to Old High German lebēn to live Date: before 12th century intransitive verb 1. to be alive ; have the life of an animal or plant 2. to continue alive 3. to maintain oneself ; subsist <
lived on rice and peas
4. a. to occupy a home ; dwell <
living in a shabby room
they had always lived in the country
b. to be located or stored <
the silverware lives here
5. to attain eternal life <
though he die, yet shall he live — John 11:25 (Revised Standard Version)
6. to conduct or pass one's life <
lived only for his work
7. to remain in human memory or record <
the past lives in us all — W. R. Inge
8. to have a life rich in experience 9. cohabit transitive verb 1. to pass through or spend the duration of <
lived their lives alone
2. act out, practice — often used with out <
to live out their fantasies
3. to exhibit vigor, gusto, or enthusiasm in <
lived life to the fullest
4. a. to experience firsthand <
living a dream
b. to be thoroughly absorbed by or involved with <
she lives her work
II. adjective Etymology: short for alive Date: 1542 1. a. having life ; living <
a live lobster
b. existing in fact or reality ; actual <
spoke to a real live celebrity
2. exerting force or containing energy: as a. afire, glowing <
live coals
b. connected to electric power c. charged with explosives and containing shot or a bullet <
live ammunition
; also armed but not exploded <
a live bomb
d. imparting or driven by power <
a live axle
e. being in operation <
a live microphone
3. abounding with life ; vivid 4. being in a pure native state 5. of bright vivid color 6. of continuing or current interest <
live issues
7. a. not yet printed from or plated <
live type
b. not yet typeset <
live copy
8. a. of or involving a presentation (as a play or concert) in which both the performers and an audience are physically present <
a live record album
a nightclub with live entertainment
b. broadcast directly at the time of production <
a live radio program
9. being in play <
a live ball
III. adverb Date: 1946 at the actual time of occurrence ; during, from, or at a live production <
the program was broadcast live

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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