I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French jaiet, from Latin gagates, from Greek gagatēs, from Gagas, town and river in Asia Minor Date: 14th century 1. a compact velvet-black coal that takes a good polish and is often used for jewelry 2. an intense black II. adjective Date: 1658 of the color jet III. verb (jetted; jetting) Etymology: French jeter, literally, to throw, from Old French, from Latin jactare to throw, frequentative of jacere to throw; akin to Greek hienai to send Date: 1692 intransitive verb to spout forth ; gush transitive verb to emit in a stream ; spout IV. noun Date: circa 1696 1. a. (1) a usually forceful stream of fluid (as water or gas) discharged from a narrow opening or a nozzle (2) a narrow stream of material (as plasma) emanating or appearing to emanate from a celestial object (as a radio galaxy) b. a nozzle for a jet of fluid 2. something issuing as if in a jet <
talk poured from her in a brilliant jetTime
3. a. jet engine b. an airplane powered by one or more jet engines 4. a long narrow current of high-speed winds (as a jet stream) • jetlike adjective V. intransitive verb (jetted; jetting) Date: 1949 1. to travel by jet airplane 2. to move or progress by or as if by jet propulsion

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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