I. noun Date: 14th century 1. a. an interior or internal part or place ; the part within b. inward nature, thoughts, or feeling c. viscera, entrails — usually used in plural 2. an inner side or surface 3. a. a position of power, trust, or familiarity <
only someone on the inside could have told
b. confidential information <
has the inside on what happened at the convention
4. the area nearest a specified or implied point of reference: as a. the side of home plate nearest the batter b. the middle portion of a playing area c. the area near or underneath the basket in basketball II. adverb Date: 15th century 1. on the inner side 2. in or into the interior <
stayed inside during the storm
3. to or on the inside 4. in prison III. adjective Date: 1611 1. of, relating to, or being on or near the inside <
an inside pitch
2. a. relating or known to a select group <
inside information
b. behind-the-scenes IV. preposition Date: 1791 1. a. in or into or as if in or into the interior of <
waited inside the church
b. on the inner side of <
just inside the door
2. within <
inside an hour

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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