I. noun also phantasy (plural -sies) Etymology: Middle English fantasie — more at fancy Date: 14th century 1. obsolete hallucination 2. fancy; especially the free play of creative imagination 3. a creation of the imaginative faculty whether expressed or merely conceived: as a. a fanciful design or invention b. a chimerical or fantastic notion c. fantasia 1 d. imaginative fiction featuring especially strange settings and grotesque characters — called also fantasy fiction 4. caprice 5. the power or process of creating especially unrealistic or improbable mental images in response to psychological need <
an object of fantasy
; also a mental image or a series of mental images (as a daydream) so created <
sexual fantasies of adolescence
6. a coin usually not intended for circulation as currency and often issued by a dubious authority (as a government-in-exile) II. verb (-sied; -sying) Date: 15th century fantasize

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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