I. adjective Etymology: Latin externus external, from exter — more at exterior Date: 1542 1. a. capable of being perceived outwardly <
external signs of a disease
b. (1) having merely the outward appearance of something ; superficial (2) not intrinsic or essential <
external circumstances
2. a. of, relating to, or connected with the outside or an outer part <
the building's external features
b. applied or applicable to the outside <
a lotion for external use
3. a. (1) situated outside, apart, or beyond; specifically situated near or toward the surface of the body (2) arising or acting from outside <
an external force
b. of or relating to dealings or relationships with foreign countries c. having existence independent of the mind <
external reality
externally adverb II. noun Date: circa 1635 something that is external: as a. an outer part b. an external feature or aspect — usually used in plural

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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