I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French deu, past participle of dever to owe, from Latin debēre — more at debt Date: 14th century 1. owed or owing as a debt 2. a. owed or owing as a natural or moral right <
everyone's right to dissent…is due the full protection of the Constitution — Nat Hentoff
b. according to accepted notions or procedures ; appropriate <
with all due respect
3. a. satisfying or capable of satisfying a need, obligation, or duty ; adequate <
giving the matter due attention
b. regular, lawful <
due proof of loss
4. capable of being attributed ; ascribable — used with to <
this advance is partly due to a few men of genius — A. N. Whitehead
5. having reached the date at which payment is required ; payable <
the rent is due
6. required or expected in the prescribed, normal, or logical course of events ; scheduled <
the train is due at noon
; also expected to give birth • dueness noun II. noun Date: 15th century something due or owed: as a. something that rightfully belongs to one <
give him his due
b. a payment or obligation required by law or custom ; debt c. plural fees, charges <
membership dues
III. adverb Date: 1582 1. directly, exactly <
due north
2. obsolete duly

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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