I. adjective (drier; also dryer; driest; also dryest) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English drȳge; akin to Old High German truckan dry, Old English drēahnian to drain Date: before 12th century 1. a. free or relatively free from a liquid and especially water b. not being in or under water <
dry land
c. lacking precipitation or humidity <
a dry climate
2. a. characterized by exhaustion of a supply of liquid <
a dry well
b. devoid of running water <
a dry ravine
c. devoid of natural moisture <
my throat was dry
d. no longer sticky or damp <
the paint is dry
e. not giving milk <
a dry cow
f. lacking freshness ; stale g. anhydrous 3. a. marked by the absence or scantiness of secretions <
a dry cough
b. not shedding or accompanied by tears <
a dry sob
4. obsolete involving no bloodshed or drowning <
I would fain die a dry death — Shakespeare
5. a. marked by the absence of alcoholic beverages <
a dry party
b. prohibiting the manufacture or distribution of alcoholic beverages <
a dry county
6. served or eaten without butter or margarine <
dry toast
7. a. lacking sweetness ; sec <
dry champagne
b. having all or most sugar fermented to alcohol <
a dry wine
dry beer
8. a. solid as opposed to liquid <
dry groceries
b. reduced to powder or flakes ; dehydrated <
dry milk
9. functioning without lubrication <
a dry clutch
10. of natural gas containing no recoverable hydrocarbon (as gasoline) 11. requiring no liquid in preparation or operation <
a dry photocopying process
12. a. not showing or communicating warmth, enthusiasm, or tender feeling ; severe <
a dry style of painting
b. wearisome, uninteresting <
dry passages of description
c. lacking embellishment ; plain <
the dry facts
13. a. not yielding what is expected or desired ; unproductive <
a writer going through a dry spell
b. having no personal bias or emotional concern <
the dry light of reason
c. reserved, aloof 14. marked by matter-of-fact, ironic, or terse manner of expression <
a dry wit
15. lacking smooth sound qualities <
a dry rasping voice
16. being a dry run <
a dry rehearsal
dryish adjectivedrily or dryly adverbdryness noun II. verb (dried; drying) Date: before 12th century transitive verb to make dry intransitive verb to become dry • dryable adjective III. noun (plural drys) Date: 13th century 1. the condition of being dry ; dryness 2. something dry; especially a dry place 3. prohibitionist

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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