I. noun Etymology: Dutch doop sauce, from dopen to dip; akin to Old English dyppan to dip Date: 1786 1. a. a thick liquid or pasty preparation b. a preparation for giving a desired quality to a substance or surface 2. absorbent or adsorbent material used in various manufacturing processes (as the making of dynamite) 3. a. (1) an illicit, habit-forming, or narcotic drug; especially marijuana (2) a preparation given to a racehorse to help or hinder its performance b. chiefly Southern a cola drink c. a stupid person 4. information especially from a reliable source <
the inside dope
II. verb (doped; doping) Date: 1889 transitive verb 1. to treat or affect with dope; especially to give a narcotic to 2. figure out — usually used with out 3. to treat with a dopant intransitive verb to take dope • doper noun III. adjective Date: 1981 slang excellent — used as a generalized term of approval

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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