I. verb Etymology: Middle English crasschen Date: 15th century transitive verb 1. a. to break violently and noisily ; smash b. to damage (an airplane) in landing 2. a. to cause to make a loud noise <
crash the cymbals together
b. to force (as one's way) through with loud crashing noises 3. to enter or attend without invitation or without paying <
crash the party
4. to move toward aggressively (as in fighting for a rebound) <
basketball players crashing the boards
5. to cause (a computer system, component, or program) to crash intransitive verb 1. a. to break or go to pieces with or as if with violence and noise b. to fall, land, or hit with destructive force c. to decline suddenly and steeply d. of a computer system, component, or program to suffer a sudden major failure usually with attendant loss of data 2. to make a smashing noise <
thunder crashing overhead
3. to move or force one's way with or as if with a crash <
crashes into the room
4. slang to experience the aftereffects (as lethargy or depression) of a usually prolonged episode of drug use (as of amphetamines) 5. slang to go to bed or fall asleep; also to reside temporarily ; stay <
crashing with friends for a few days
crasher noun II. noun Date: circa 1580 1. a loud sound (as of things smashing) <
a crash of thunder
2. a. a breaking to pieces by or as if by collision b. an instance of crashing <
a plane crash
a system crash
3. a sudden decline (as of a population) or failure (as of a business) <
a stock market crash
4. slang the process of crashing after drug intoxication III. adjective Date: 1945 marked by a concerted effort and effected in the shortest possible time especially to meet emergency conditions <
a crash renovation program
IV. noun Etymology: probably from Russian krashenina colored linen Date: 1812 a coarse fabric used for draperies, toweling, and clothing and for strengthening joints of cased-in books

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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