I. noun (plural -nies) Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English companie, from cumpaignie, from cumpaing companion — more at companion Date: 13th century 1. a. association with another ; fellowship <
enjoy a person's company
b. companions, associates <
know a person by the company she keeps
c. visitors, guests <
having company for dinner
2. a. a group of persons or things <
a company of horsemen
b. a body of soldiers; especially a unit (as of infantry) consisting usually of a headquarters and two or more platoons c. an organization of performing artists d. the officers and crew of a ship e. a firefighting unit 3. a. a chartered commercial organization or medieval trade guild b. an association of persons for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise c. those members of a partnership firm whose names do not appear in the firm name <
John Doe and Company
II. verb (-nied; -nying) Date: 14th century transitive verb accompany <
may…fair winds company your safe return — John Masefield
intransitive verb associate

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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