I. transitive verb (clipped; clipping) Etymology: Middle English clippen, from Old English clyppan; akin to Old High German klāftra fathom, Lithuanian globti to embrace Date: before 12th century 1. encompass 2. a. to hold in a tight grip ; clutch b. to clasp, fasten, or secure with a clip II. noun Date: 15th century 1. any of various devices that grip, clasp, or hook 2. a device to hold cartridges for charging the magazines of some rifles; also a magazine from which ammunition is fed into the chamber of a firearm 3. a piece of jewelry held in position by a clip III. verb (clipped; clipping) Etymology: Middle English clippen, from Old Norse klippa Date: 13th century transitive verb 1. a. to cut or cut off with or as if with shears <
clip a dog's hair
clip an hour off traveling time
b. to cut off the distal or outer part of c. (1) excise III (2) to cut items out of (as a newspaper) 2. a. curtail, diminish b. to abbreviate in speech or writing 3. hit, punch; especially to strike in passing <
the car skidded off the road and clipped a lamppost
4. to illegally block (an opposing player) in football 5. to take money from unfairly or dishonestly especially by overcharging <
the nightclub clipped the tourist for $200
intransitive verb 1. to clip something 2. to travel or pass rapidly 3. to clip an opposing player in football IV. noun Date: 15th century 1. a. plural, Scottish shears b. a 2-bladed instrument for cutting especially the nails 2. something that is clipped: as a. the product of a single shearing (as of sheep) b. a crop of wool of a sheep, a flock, or a region c. a section of filmed, videotaped, or recorded material d. a clipping especially from a newspaper 3. an act of clipping 4. a sharp blow 5. rate 4a <
continues at a brisk clip
6. a single instance or occasion ; time <
he charged $10 a clip
— often used in the phrase at a clip <
trained 1000 workers at a clip

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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