I. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German brunno spring of water Date: before 12th century British creek 2 II. verb (burned or burnt; burning) Etymology: Middle English birnen, from Old English byrnan, verbi., bærnan, verbt.; akin to Old High German brinnan to burn Date: before 12th century intransitive verb 1. a. to consume fuel and give off heat, light, and gases <
a small fire burns on the hearth
b. to undergo combustion; also to undergo nuclear fission or nuclear fusion c. to contain a fire <
a little stove burning in the corner
d. to give off light ; shine, glow <
a light burning in the window
2. a. to be hot <
the burning sand
b. to produce or undergo discomfort or pain <
ears burning from the cold
c. to become emotionally excited or agitated: as (1) to yearn ardently <
burning to tell the story
(2) to be or become very angry or disgusted <
the remark made him burn
3. a. to undergo alteration or destruction by the action of fire or heat <
the house burned down
the potatoes burned to a crisp
b. to die in the electric chair 4. to force or make a way by or as if by burning <
her words burned into his heart
5. to suffer sunburn <
she burns easily
transitive verb 1. a. to cause to undergo combustion; especially to destroy by fire <
burned the trash
b. to use as fuel <
this furnace burns gas
c. to use up ; consume <
burn calories
2. a. to transform by exposure to heat or fire <
burn clay to bricks
b. to produce by burning <
burned a hole in his sleeve
c. to record digital data or music on (an optical disk) using a laser <
burn a CD
; also to record (data or music) in this way <
burn songs onto a disk
3. a. to injure or damage by or as if by exposure to fire, heat, or radiation ; scorch <
burned his hand
b. to execute by burning <
burned heretics at the stake
; also electrocute 4. a. irritate, annoy — often used with up <
really burns me up
b. to subject to misfortune, mistreatment, or deception — often used in passive <
has been burned in love
c. to beat or score on <
burned the defense with a touchdown pass
burnable adjective III. noun Date: 1594 1. an act, process, instance, or result of burning: as a. injury or damage resulting from exposure to fire, heat, caustics, electricity, or certain radiations b. a burned area <
a burn on the tabletop
c. an abrasion (as of the skin) having the appearance of a burn <
rope burns
d. a burning sensation <
the burn of iodine on a cut
2. the firing of a rocket engine in flight 3. anger; especially increasing fury — used chiefly in the phrase slow burn

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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