I. noun (plural bucks) Etymology: Middle English, from Old English bucca stag, he-goat; akin to Old High German boc he-goat, Middle Irish bocc Date: before 12th century 1. or plural buck a male animal; especially a male deer or antelope 2. a. a male human being ; man b. a dashing fellow ; dandy 3. or plural buck antelope 4. a. buckskin; also an article (as a shoe) made of buckskin b. (1) dollar 3b (2) a sum of money especially to be gained <
make a quick buck
; also money — usually used in plural 5. [short for sawbuck sawhorse] a. a supporting rack or frame b. a short thick leather-covered block for gymnastic vaulting II. verb Date: 1750 transitive verb 1. a. archaic butt I b. oppose, resist <
bucking the system
2. to throw (as a rider) by bucking 3. to charge into (as a headwind) 4. a. to pass especially from one person to another b. to move or load (as heavy objects) especially with mechanical equipment intransitive verb 1. of a horse or mule to spring into the air with the back arched 2. to charge against something (as an obstruction) 3. a. to move or react jerkily b. to refuse assent ; balk 4. to strive for advancement sometimes without regard to ethical behavior <
bucking for a promotion
bucker noun III. noun Date: circa 1877 an act or instance of bucking IV. noun Etymology: short for earlier buckhorn knife Date: 1865 1. an object formerly used in poker to mark the next player to deal; broadly a token used as a mark or reminder 2. responsibility — used especially in the phrases pass the buck and the buck stops here V. adjective Etymology: probably from 1buck Date: 1918 of the lowest grade within a military category <
a buck private
VI. adverb Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1928 stark, completely <
buck naked

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

(of the deer, sheep, goat, rabbit, and hare) / , , , , , , , / , ,

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