I. noun Etymology: Middle English botme, from Old English botm; akin to Old High German bodam bottom, Latin fundus, Greek pythmēn Date: before 12th century 1. a. the underside of something b. a surface (as the seat of a chair) designed to support something resting on it — used figuratively in phrases like the bottom dropped out to describe a sudden collapse or downturn <
lost millions when the bottom dropped out of the stock market
c. the posterior end of the trunk ; buttocks, rump 2. the surface on which a body of water lies 3. a. the part of a ship's hull lying below the water b. boat, ship 4. a. the lowest part or place <
the bottom of the page
b. the remotest or inmost point c. the lowest or last place in point of precedence <
started work at the bottom
d. the part of a garment worn on the lower part of the body; especially the pants of pajamas — usually used in plural e. the last half of an inning of baseball f. the bass or baritone instruments of a band 5. bottomland — usually used in plural 6. basis, source <
trying to get to the bottom of these rumors
7. capacity (as of a horse) to endure strain 8. a foundation color applied to textile fibers before dyeing 9. a fundamental quark that accounts for the existence and lifetime of upsilon particles and has an electric charge of - 1/3 and a measured energy of approximately 5 GeV; also the flavor characterizing this particle • bottomed adjective II. verb Date: 1520 transitive verb 1. to furnish with a bottom 2. to provide a foundation for 3. to bring to the bottom 4. to get to the bottom of intransitive verb 1. to become based 2. to reach the bottom 3. to reach a point where a decline is halted or reversed — usually used with out <
the team bottomed out in last place
bottomer noun III. adjective Date: 1561 1. of, relating to, or situated at the bottom <
bottom rock
2. frequenting the bottom <
bottom fish

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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