I. adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French bai, from Latin badius; akin to Old Irish buide yellow Date: 14th century reddish brown <
a bay mare
II. noun Date: 1535 1. a bay-colored animal; specifically a horse with a bay-colored body and black mane, tail, and points — compare chestnut 4, sorrel I,1 2. a reddish brown III. noun Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French baee opening, from feminine of baé, past participle of baer to be wide open, gape, from Vulgar Latin *batare Date: 14th century 1. a principal compartment of the walls, roof, or other part of a building or of the whole building 2. a main division of a structure 3. any of various compartments or sections used for a special purpose (as in an airplane, spacecraft, or service station) <
a bomb bay
a cargo bay
4. bay window 1 5. a support or housing for electronic equipment IV. verb Etymology: Middle English baien, abaien, from Anglo-French abaier, of imitative origin Date: 14th century intransitive verb 1. to bark with prolonged tones <
dogs baying at the moon
2. to cry out ; shout transitive verb 1. to bark at 2. to bring to bay 3. to pursue with barking 4. to utter in deep prolonged tones V. noun Date: 14th century 1. a baying of dogs 2. the position of one unable to retreat and forced to face danger <
brought his quarry to bay
3. the position of one checked <
police kept the rioters at bay
VI. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: Middle English baye, from Anglo-French bai, perhaps from baer to be wide open Date: 14th century 1. an inlet of the sea or other body of water usually smaller than a gulf 2. a small body of water set off from the main body 3. any of various terrestrial formations resembling a bay of the sea VII. noun Etymology: Middle English, berry, laurel berry, from Anglo-French bai, from L. baca Date: 15th century 1. a. laurel 1 b. any of several shrubs or trees (as the red bay or sweet bay) resembling the laurel — compare bay rum 2. a. a garland or crown especially of laurel given as a prize for victory or excellence b. honor, fame — usually used in plural

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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