I. adverb Etymology: Middle English, from Old English eallswā likewise, just as — more at also Date: before 12th century 1. to the same degree or amount <
as soft as silk
twice as long
2. for instance <
various trees, as oak or pine
3. when considered in a specified form or relation — usually used before a preposition or a participle <
my opinion as distinguished from his
II. conjunction Date: 12th century 1. as if <
looks as he had seen a ghost — S. T. Coleridge
2. in or to the same degree in which <
soft as silk
— usually used as a correlative after an adjective or adverb modified by adverbial as or so <
as cool as a cucumber
3. in the way or manner that <
do as I do
4. in accordance with what or the way in which <
quite good as boys go
5. while, when <
spilled the milk as she got up
6. regardless of the degree to which ; though <
improbable as it seems, it's true
7. for the reason that ; because, since <
stayed home as she had no car
8. that the result is <
so clearly guilty as to leave no doubt
Usage: see like III. pronoun Date: 12th century 1. that, who, which — used after same or such <
in the same building as my brother
tears such as angels weep — John Milton
and chiefly dialect after a substantive not modified by same or such <
that kind of fruit as maids call medlars — Shakespeare
2. a fact that <
is a foreigner, as is evident from his accent
IV. preposition Date: 13th century 1. a. like 2 <
all rose as one man
b. like 1a <
his face was as a mask — Max Beerbohm
2. in the capacity, character, condition, or role of <
works as an editor
V. noun (plural asses) Etymology: Latin Date: 1540 1. a. a bronze coin of the ancient Roman republic b. a unit of value equivalent to an as coin 2. libra 2a

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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