I. noun Etymology: French aloi, from Old French alei, from aleir to combine, from Latin alligare to bind — more at ally Date: 1604 1. the degree of mixture with base metals ; fineness 2. a substance composed of two or more metals or of a metal and a nonmetal intimately united usually by being fused together and dissolving in each other when molten; also the state of union of the components 3. a. an admixture that lessens value b. an impairing alien element 4. a compound, mixture, or union of different things <
an ethnic alloy of many peoples
5. archaic a metal mixed with a more valuable metal to give durability or some other desired quality II. Date: 1661 transitive verb 1. a. temper, moderate b. to impair or debase by admixture 2. to reduce the purity of by mixing with a less valuable metal 3. to mix so as to form an alloy intransitive verb to lend itself to being alloyed <
iron alloys well

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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