I. biographical name name of 18 kings of France: especially I 778-840 (reigned 814-840); V (le Fainéant) 967-987 (reigned—last Carolingian—986-987); IX (Saint) 1214-1270 (reigned 1226-70); XI 1423-1483 (reigned 1461-83); XII 1462-1515 (reigned 1498-1515); XIII 1601-1643 (reigned 1610-43); XIV 1638-1715 (reigned 1643-1715); XV 1710-1774 (reigned 1715-74); XVI 1754-1793 (reigned 1774-92; guillotined); XVII 1785-1795 (nominally reigned 1793-95); XVIII 1755-1824 (reigned 1814-15; 1815-24) II. biographical name Joe 1914-1981 originally Joseph Louis Barrow American boxer

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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