I. noun Etymology: Saint George Date: 1506 1. either of two of the insignia of the British Order of the Garter 2. a British coin bearing the image of St. George II. biographical name Saint 3d century Christian martyr & patron saint of England III. biographical name name of 6 kings of Great Britain: I 1660-1727 (reigned 1714-27); II 1683-1760 (reigned 1727-60); III 1738-1820 (reigned 1760-1820); IV 1762-1830 (reigned 1820-30); V 1865-1936 (reigned 1910-36); VI 1895-1952 (reigned 1936-52) IV. biographical name name of 2 kings of Greece: I 1845-1913 (reigned 1863-1913); II 1890-1947 (reigned 1922-23; 1935-47) V. biographical name David Lloyd — see David Lloyd George VI. biographical name Henry 1839-1897 American economist VII. geographical name river 345 miles (555 kilometers) Canada in NE Quebec flowing N into Ungava Bay

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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