Lesser Armenia
geographical name — see Little Armenia

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Lesser Armenia — (also known as Armenia Minor and Armenia Inferior, Փոքր Հայք Pok r Hayq in Armenian) refers to the Armenian populated regions, primarily to the west north west of the ancient Armenian kingdom and north east of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia.… …   Wikipedia

  • Lesser Armenia — noun a) A region in the of upper reaches of Euphrates, northwest of Greater Armenia. b) Sometimes erroneously used to refer to the medieval to the south. Syn: Armenia Minor, Armenia Inferior …   Wiktionary

  • Armenia — • A mountainous region of Western Asia occupying a somewhat indefinite area to the southeast of the Black Sea Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Armenia     Armenia      …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • ARMENIA — ARMENIA, in Transcaucasia. Historically its boundaries embraced a much wider area in different periods. The Armenian diaspora is scattered in many countries of the world and still identifies its past history and future aspirations with the wider… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Armenia — /ahr mee nee euh, meen yeuh/; for 3 also Sp. /ahrdd me nyah/, n. 1. an ancient country in W Asia: now divided between Armenia, Turkey, and Iran. 2. Also called, Armenian Republic. a republic in Transcaucasia, S of Georgia and W of Azerbaijan.… …   Universalium

  • Armenia — noun /ɑːˈmiː.ni.ə,ɑɹˈmi.ni.ə/ a) Ancient kingdom in the Armenian Highland southeast of Black Sea and southwest of Caspian Sea; area now divided between Turkey, Republic of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran. b) A small country in Western Asia. Official …   Wiktionary

  • lesser — /les euhr/, adj., a compar. of little with least as superl. 1. smaller, as in size or importance; inferior: a lesser evil. adv., a compar. of little with least as superl. 2. less. [1175 1225; ME lasser, lesser …   Universalium

  • Armenia — geographical name 1. (or biblical Minni) former kingdom W Asia in mountainous region SE of Black Sea & SW of Caspian Sea; area now divided between Armenia, Turkey, & Iran 2. independent country SE Europe; a constituent republic ( Armenian… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Armenia Minor — noun Another name of Lesser Armenia …   Wiktionary

  • Armenia Inferior — noun Another name of Lesser Armenia …   Wiktionary

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