Komi Republic
geographical name autonomous republic NE Russia in Europe W of N Ural Mountains capital Syktyvkar area 160,579 square miles (415,900 square kilometers), population 1,255,000

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • National Anthem of the Komi Republic — The National Anthem of the Komi Republic is the official anthem of the Komi Republic, a republic of Russia. Lyrics Komi lyrics Transliteration English Ылын ылын Войвылын Джуджыд парма сулалö. Парма шöрын варыш поз Кыпыд горöн шыалö. Лэбзьöй,… …   Wikipedia

  • Flag of the Komi Republic — The Flag of Komi is the flag of the Komi Republic, is a republic and a federal subject of Russia. The Komi ASSR started using the flag on November 27, 1991 and the current Komi Republic officially started to use it on June 6, 1994.The current… …   Wikipedia

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  • Vishera River (Komi Republic) — Vishera (Vyshera) River ( ru. Вишера (Вышера)) is a river in the Komi Republic in Russia, right tributary of the Vychegda River. It is 247 km in length. The area of its drainage basin is 8,780 km². The Vishera River freezes up in November and… …   Wikipedia

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